Recent bump aside, Blackberry keeps getting cheaper

Despite moving away from its enterprise IT image and adopting a consumer-friendly brand as early 2005, RIM can’t seem to slow down Blackberry’s descent.


RIM just reported earnings for its second fiscal quarter of 2012. 73% of its $4.2 billion in revenue came from the sale of hardware, which includes Blackberrys and Playbooks. That means RIM brought in $3.066 billion from hardware sales.

RIM shipped 10.6 million Blackberrys and 200,000 Playbooks. Assuming the average selling price of a Playbook is $554 (what I used last quarter), then RIM brought in $2.9552 billion in revenue from the sale of 10.6 million Blackberrys.

That means the average selling price of a Blackberry this quarter was $278.79. It rose 3.80% over last quarter’s $268.56, but it’s still down 7.76% over the last six months.

The following chart shows the average selling price of a Blackberry since 2009:

A 27.41% drop in less than three years.